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Welcome to Hoppecke Industrial Batteries, the UK arm of the German company Hoppecke Batterien GmbH which has been delivering batteries and power management solutions to customers around the world for nearly a century.

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has been servicing the UK’s energy requirements in a range of industries since the early 1980s.

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We have a strong commitment to the environment as we are firmly established as the ‘green’ motive power choice for industrial trucks, in every sense.


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2019-06-07 13:01

Hoppecke service vans now have mobile chargers and topping trolleys on board

Hoppecke enhances customer service with new on-board innovations

To cater for the needs of small to large fleets the company has introduced a range of water filling trolleys, now part of the standard equipment in its service vans. The battery-operated trolley provides top up water for up to three batteries and is easy to carry and store. Hoppecke also offers a smaller manually operated bottle for smaller fleets.

Having a topping trolley readily to hand during their regular service visits allows Hoppecke’s engineers to ensure that customers’ batteries are topped up regularly and correctly.

Says Hoppecke engineer Colin Williams, “It’s vital that forklift and warehouse equipment users adopt a topping up procedure to keep their batteries working properly, otherwise operating conditions will slow down the reaction of the wet chemistry, which will impact performance and lifespan of your batteries.

“We realised that customers weren't always optimising topping up procedures so we suggested that problems could be averted if we had easy access to water filling trolleys. The simple solution is to carry them on our vans as part of the standard kit.”

Hoppecke has also equipped its service vans with two mobile chargers, offering key benefits to customers whose batteries require an emergency charge and in situations where chargers cannot be repaired. Access to a Hoppecke rental charger helps keep customer businesses operational when they might otherwise face costly equipment downtime.

Stuart Browne, Operations Director - Sales and Service at Hoppecke, attributes the successful innovations to the company’s strong engineer-customer relationships. In particular, he believes that actively encouraging Hoppecke’s technical team to discuss the difficulties that customers experience and take the lead in finding a cost-effective solution has made a big difference.   

He adds: “These are two simple yet highly effective innovations that have come directly from our engineers. These guys are close to our customers and because they understand the day-to-day issues they’ve been able to come up with some really good ideas to help us improve our service support package.”

The mobile topping trolleys and rental chargers have enabled Hoppecke to improve service support and have been well-received by customers. Both initiatives are set to make a significant contribution to continued growth within the company’s service business, which doubled its turnover in just three years.

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2019-05-13 11:29

Hoppecke launches new division dedicated to lithium-ion technology

Known as Intilion, the new division was created on April 1 and is based in Zwickau and Paderborn, Germany. It oversees all Hoppecke Group activities relating to its new lithium-ion storage technology.

Hoppecke has seen huge growth in demand for its lithium-ion storage technology over recent years and continues to invest heavily in R&D capabilities in this area. The creation of Intilion GmbH, as a new, modern and agile company within the Hoppecke Group, ensures the company can focus its strategy on the future demands of the lithium-ion battery market.

Jon Bailey, managing director of Hoppecke UK, says: "In the UK, Hoppecke has the largest installer base for lithium-ion technology and the decision to create a separate division means that we can focus on the diverse needs of this growing market."

Hoppecke is well-established as a provider of lithium battery power for motive power and intralogistics operations. In addition, its lithium-ion solutions encompass emergency power and traction applications in the rail sector and innovative energy storage systems with medium to large capacity for a wide range of applications.

The main aim in creating the new division is to achieve even stronger customer loyalty and agility and thus to be able to respond even better to individual customer needs.

Jon adds: "Intilion is the partner for future-oriented lithium-ion energy storage solutions and innovative business models. In the foreground of the product portfolio are industrial traction and stationary battery storage applications".

Hoppecke has been developing and manufacturing electrochemical energy storage systems for over 90 years and is now a worldwide business with its headquarters in Brilon, Germany. In the UK, Hoppecke specialises in power supply and energy management solutions and, from its facility in Staffordshire, carries out battery assembly, sales, rental, refurbishment and servicing.

Information about the new Hoppecke company, Intilion GmbH, can be found at www.intilion.com


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2019-05-02 14:47

Hoppecke to showcase innovation in battery technology at Railtex 2019

Thanks to technological innovation to provide an efficient and reliable power supply, the future for fully battery-powered passenger rail transport looks bright. On stand F60 at Railtex Hoppecke will focus on the advantages of battery energy storage to provide power when it is required to power trains. Battery storage power is required to compliment hydrogen-powered trains and bio-fuel/electric hybrids.

The company will emphasise its capabilities in the rail sector, in particular, demonstrating the benefits of its lithium-ion batteries, which are characterised by high energy and power density, a high cycle life for both full and partial cycles and extremely low self-discharge.

Hoppecke UK's managing director Jon Bailey says: "Cost-effective and reliable rail transport is a must if we want to promote mobility as a catalyst for business development, employment and inward investment. Moreover the UK government is committed to phasing out diesel trains by 2040, to meet environmental targets, and a big question mark remains over the electrification of lines. Everyone agrees that everything will be electric.

"As the UK sets about tackling these issues, there is an increasing demand for battery energy storage systems, whether on board trains or by the trackside. Thanks to our strong relationships with the major OEMs we're able to maximise our product offering and technical support capabilities to take advantage of opportunities in this sector."

A world leader in the integration of battery systems for rail, Hoppecke continues to raise the bar - setting ever higher standards for product performance and reliability matched by unrivalled service support. Its energy solutions offer high levels of operational flexibility and maximum safety irrespective of the conditions, even during times of peak demand.

Working closely with customers to meet specific requirements, Hoppecke offers the optimum solution for the application for all technologies, including high current lead components, NiCad FNC (fibre structure nickel), FNH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and lithium-ion. Solutions are customised to include everything from product supply coupled with engineering support and warranty management to a complete package comprising a customised premium system plus full service support to guarantee energy availability. 

Partnering with Vivarail, Hoppecke Industrial Batteries was instrumental in the launch of the UK's first battery-powered passenger train, designing and integrating batteries to power the Class 230 trains. Vivarail also utilises Hoppecke's ground-breaking Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which stores electrical energy as part of its patented fast-charging system and, when the train comes into a station, pumps 1MW of energy in just eight minutes - providing sufficient power to recharge the train battery for a 65-mile range. 

Jon adds: "Our partnerships with forward-thinking businesses like Vivarail extend across the globe and reinforce how our latest generation lithium-ion products are ideally suited to providing the rapid charging required for battery-powered rail journeys both today and into the future."

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership. In the UK, as well as being an expert in energy storage for railways and metro systems, Hoppecke is active in energy storage solutions for mobile traction equipment, secured power supply and renewables.


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2019-04-30 09:39

Pictured (left to right) are: Hoppecke engineer Paul Moynihan; Process and Administration Manager Natalie Bailey, and Operations Director - Sales and Service, Stuart Browne.

Hoppecke doubles UK service business

This achievement is attributable in part to growth in Hoppecke UK’s battery and charger rental business. A targeted campaign to highlight the advantages to businesses of all sizes has seen orders rise from zero at start-up to several hundred rental batteries in 12 months.

Stuart Browne, Operations Director - Sales and Service at Hoppecke UK, says: “For logistics and warehousing operations time is of the essence. Product availability coupled with our ability to turn around orders quickly has attracted support from major names in the forklift rental market as well as end users such as supermarkets.

Businesses can hire in lead acid and lithium-ion batteries when they need them, minimising truck downtime and the impact on productivity. To keep costs down, rental agreements are tailored to individual customer needs and include topping up and servicing. Whilst most of its competitors build batteries in Europe, Hoppecke carries out assembly and holds large stocks of key products at its UK headquarters in Staffordshire. Customers benefit from a fast turnaround – order to delivery is typically less than five working days.

Another initiative which has boosted Hoppecke’s service business is mobile chargers. Each engineer’s van now contains two chargers as part of the standard equipment so, in situations where a customer’s charger cannot be repaired, a loan charger is made available to help keep the customer’s business operational.

However, the biggest impact has come from a cultural shift, which has seen Hoppecke empower its technical team to discuss the issues that customers experience on a daily basis. In turn, customers trust Hoppecke’s highly qualified engineers to help them achieve an appropriate, cost-effective solution. 

By talking to customers about operational difficulties Hoppecke understands the key problems in niche areas. Seasonal business, for example, is not always what it seems, since suppliers of Christmas decorations order 12 months in advance and goods are shipped in containers from China to arrive well ahead of the festive season.

Stuart adds: “By taking up some of our engineers’ innovative ideas, such as investment in rental chargers and topping trolleys for every van, we’ve been able to make major improvements to service support, which has contributed to year-on-year business growth.

“Thanks to our strong engineer-customer relationships and the fact that sales and service are no longer separate but a single, fully integrated department with a focus on delivering what customers need, customers are willing to listen and take our advice. The result is that trust is at an all-time high.”

With a team of 28 engineers across the UK Hoppecke employs the largest directly employed team of skilled engineers in the industry. Now it is recruiting to bring in additional technical expertise to support its successful new approach to meeting customer needs.

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2019-02-14 10:50

Hoppecke moves to seamlessly integrate sales and service

With the promotion of Stuart Browne to Operations Director - Sales and Service and a new engineer recruitment drive Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is initiating a change in culture to capitalise on its innovative technology and market-leading offer.

Stuart, who has been with the company for three years, will head up the operations side of the business with a remit covering sales, warehousing, service and rental. This new role has been created specifically to bring sales and service closer together and to ensure that service support meets customer needs both now and in the future.

Says Stuart: “We have a definitive offer for the UK marketplace in which sales and service are inextricably linked. They support each other, which is vital because our customers need them to work together seamlessly, now more than ever.”

“This move is about breaking down the internal silos and evolving our company culture so that we’re able to offer innovative, flexible and rapid solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.”

In 2018 Hoppecke introduced several innovations into the UK, including a new HF premium battery charger and a dedicated battery and charger rental service, and all engineers now carry loan chargers in their vans.

Adds Stuart: “Whilst our sales people are the operational face of the business, it is our engineers who have the day-to-day relationship with our customers. So, working in conjunction with sales our technical team can tap into innovative ideas that will help our customers overcome their logistics and materials handling problems.”

“During the past six months alone, by integrating the two departments to an even greater extent, we’ve been able to quickly bring to market some neat solutions that have immediately added value to our customers’ businesses.”

Hoppecke’s service business has doubled in size over the last three years both through organic growth with the existing customer base and unprecedented growth in rental, which is receiving strong orders from key industry players. The company is now recruiting two additional field engineers, which will bring the team to 30, making Hoppecke’s technical resource the largest directly employed team in the UK.

Jon Bailey, who joined Hoppecke UK as managing director in October 2018, says: “Our customers’ needs are becoming ever more complex and so our offering has expanded and diversified in line with this challenge. Whether it’s new or used products, rental, refurbishment or service solutions, including on-site energy storage, we’re attuned to the issues our customers face, especially those factors that distinguish the sectors in which they operate.  As such, we want to be able, as an entire organisation, to move rapidly to deliver meaningful solutions.”

“It was clear to me that the company’s cultural mind set would benefit from putting customers at the centre of our operation. Now, our sales and service guys are close companions, working in the same office, with joint meetings and training/awareness sessions, of all which helps to bring us closer to achieving our goals.”

IT investment in 2018 enabled a series of business process upgrades to improve standards of service and maximise efficiencies within Hoppecke UK, including updating its dedicated engineering tool, SITs; the roll out of a sales app and the introduction of a new CRM system. As well as investing in the sales function through technology and recruitment, Hoppecke is now undertaking customer-focussed and soft skills training with its field engineers, empowering both sales and service staff to make decisions about bespoke solutions that will resolve unique customer problems.

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