Hoppecke provides maintenance, testing, installation and inspection services for all industrial battery applications – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company is committed to providing real value for its customers, helping to save users money, minimise downtime and improve productivity. 

It’s fair to say that our service support is the best on the market because we employ the best service engineers in the industry. A team of over 20 highly experienced maintenance engineers and technicians provide maximum flexibility and responsiveness for breakdowns and a consistently reliable maintenance service nation-wide.


Hoppecke’s servicing includes:

Battery watering

We take care of the topping up of your batteries to predetermined intervals. No more problems with spillage and under- or over-watering.


Battery cleaning

We will clean your batteries on average twice a year (normal usage). No more loss of capacity from current leakage caused by dirty cell tops.


Annual inspection

We will check each battery and charger thoroughly and give you an overview of the state of your batteries and chargers. We will also carry out a safety check to see if your batteries and chargers are safe and fit for purpose.


24-hour response time

We will guarantee to have a service engineer on your site within 24 hours of you contacting us.


Extended warranty

Hoppecke offers a warranty on its batteries and chargers that is the best in the sector and has recently been upgraded. So no more unexpected costs for battery or charger replacements.


Advice on use of energy systems

We can carry out a full analysis of how your equipment is used, allowing you to optimise the working life of all your batteries and chargers.


On-site training

Hoppecke can provide full training for your staff to handle your batteries and chargers safely, which can help your company to improve its energy efficiency while minimising repair costs.