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trak SystemsTrak - Overview
Overview about our Trak products

  trak airtrak® air
If you wish to minimise operating costs through reduced energy consumption and increased availability of your battery system, then HOPPECKE trak® air is the ideal solution for you!

trak basictrak® basic
If you wish to minimise investment costs and make optimal use of your budget, while still having the benefit of a top-quality system, then the trak basic system is the ideal solution for you!

  trak® basic 50Hz
B-F15 FS Chargers ...are automatic chargers that guarantee safe full charging of lead-acid traction batteriesenable quick and controlled charging of the battery according to the customer requirements
trak bloctrak® bloc
trak® bloc is the new generation of monobloc batteries for traction and cycling applications. The compact design is ideal for all applications with limited available space.

  trak FNCtrak® fnc
If you wish to make use of vehicles over 24 hours/7 days without battery changeover, then HOPPECKE trak® fnc provides the unique solution!
trak ecotrak® eco
If you wish to minimise maintenance costs by spending less time on replenishing water, cleaning, and inspecting your battery system, then the HOPPECKE trak® eco system is the ideal solution for you.

  trak power minitrak® power mini
Traction batteries are designed for special applications and form a system together with their charger. The operation of your vehicle and maximum life of your battery can be ensured only when this system is working in perfect harmony.
trak Monitortrak® monitor
Rapidly changing markets and strong competition present you with the challenge of constant reliability and efficiency in your internal operations such as conveying from A to B, stacking and order-picking.

  trak power premium chargetrak® power premium charge
High availability of the trak® air, trak® eco and trak® fnc battery systems is enhanced to maximum effect through use of trak® power premium charge.
trak powerpacktrak® powerpack
The trak® powerpack is a unique design with 4 HOPPECKE trak® bloc maintenance free AGM monobloc batteries assembled in a selfsupporting tray with an on-board HF charger.
  ttrak Xchangerak® Xchange
Overview about our trak® Xchange solutions
trak Xchange FUtrak® Xchange FU
The trak® Xchange FU system is suitable for users with any quantity of batteries in any different sizes as well as for any kind of trucks.

  trak Xchange MUtrak® Xchange MU
The trak® Xchange MU system is appropriate to users with up to 10 batteries in operation and suitable for batteries up to 750 kg when used with a hand pallet truck or up to 2,500 kg when used with a powered power truck.
trak Xchange TUtrak® Xchange TU
The trak® Xchange TU system is suitable for 12V and 24V batteries and has been specially designed for powered pallet trucks and low level order pickers with roller bed extraction.
  trak Xchange PUtrak® Xchange PU
The trak® Xchange PU system is appropriate to users with 10 to 20 batteries in operation and for batteries up to 2,500 kg.