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FNC OverviewFNC® - Overview
A short overview of our fnc products, including technical data.
FNC® batteries are produced using nickel-cadmium technology and find use in a wide variety of applications. These areas of application include in particular power stations, substations, UPS, solar, telecommunications, and mains-independent power supply installations.

Spartenbrochure Special PowerSpecial Power Brochure
Together with our customers we are developing the sustainable energy solutions of the future all of which
feature high levels of operational fl exibility and fail-safety, even under conditions of peak demand.
  Special Power ZellportfolioRailway Cell Brochure
Unparalleled Worldwide – FNC® technologySince 1983 HOPPECKE Batterie Systeme has shipped more than 1 million FNC® cells to railway clients around the world.
FNC®-A batteries are used on the railways and in automatic guided vehicle systems, in UPS installations and in standby systems (e.g. for lighting and monitoring).
  FNC - TFNC® -T
FNC®-T benefits: + exceptionally high resistance to cycling + extremely low internal resistance + very short charging times + minimal maintenance requirement + mechanical and electrochemical stability.

FNC® Battery Systems for Rail Vehicles
For a number of years, HOPPECKE Battery Systems has successfully sold complete power supply systems comprising: FNC® cells Crates or trays and battery boxes.
  FNC StandbyFNC® Standby
FNC® Vented Nickel Cadmium Batteries the best solution for long, reliable battery life FNC® Nickel Cadmium single cells are designed for general purpose applications, where maximum operating reliability is a key factor.
FNC® VR is a Valve regulated Nickel Cadmium Battery The extremely low maintenance FNC® VR battery is developed in line with the HOPPECKE proven fibre matrix plate technology.
  Water RefillCentral Water Refilling for FNC® Battery Systems
The central water refilling system designed by HOPPECKE Battery Systems facilitates rapid and reliable refilling of cells with water up to the maximum mark.